Happy New Year & welcome to the first Well Life Counseling & Consulting (WLCC) blog post! My name is Laura and I am a licensed clinical social worker providing mental health therapy at the private practice level. I have always loved writing, so I am looking forward to getting this blog up and running. 

WLCC was established with the mission to help guide individuals, families, and couples through personal growth through quality mental health care. Our goal for this blog is to share thoughts, ideas, and tips for positive well-being and balanced mental health. Although I will be the main writer of the blog, other clinicians at the practice are welcome to submit entries, so you may see some guest entries from time to time. 

Blogs will be posted monthly on our website, on Facebook, and on Instagram. I will happily take feedback and ideas. 

Be on the lookout for the next blog post in early February, which will focus on self-love!


Laura Massaro, LCSW-C

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