Well Life Counseling and Consulting, LLC is a private practice behavioral health office located in Nottingham/Perry Hall, MD. Our counseling services cater to individuals, couples and families. Additional services include medication management and psychological testing. Also, we offer group counseling sessions offered at various times throughout the year. The providers at Well Life always work to personalize our counseling services to meet each client’s needs.

Well Life was founded on the commitment of providing individualized high quality mental health care. We strive to make our office a comfortable and safe place to obtain your wellness needs. Just as we all know it is important to take care of our physical health, it is just as important to attend to our internal needs to obtain a full sense of peace and happiness. While life can certainly be full of joyous occasions and experiences, times of pain, difficulties, and adversity are often also part of our journey. At Well Life our trained providers can help guide you through difficult times and support your growth, so you can thrive.

A person is made up of many unique qualities, which when put together, form a complex individual with accomplishments and also desires to improve one or more aspects of their life. At Well Life we believe that we all have internal strengths, that when realized, can result in prolonged happiness and contentment in life.  Much like a tree needs water to grow, people often need knowledge and support to move forward in positive directions. A tree grows best when it has strong roots. The clinicians at Well Life can help you strengthen your foundation in life and facilitate healthy changes that will allow you to grow into the person you wish to be.

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