So, Let’s Talk About Trauma…

Disclaimer: Possible Trigger Warning I first became interested in trauma work at my previous job working with children and families. Early on in my time there, my employer provided us with a training on the ARC model (Attachment, Self-Regulation, & Competency) for working with complex trauma. Then, I was introduced to the Adverse Childhood ExperiencesContinue reading “So, Let’s Talk About Trauma…”

Pandemic Fatigue: Finding peace in uncertainty

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we entered the COVID-19 Pandemic. At the time, many of us were thinking it would be a two-week to a month shut down to flatten the curve. As each month passed, reality set in that this was our new (hopefully temporary) normal. Many of myContinue reading “Pandemic Fatigue: Finding peace in uncertainty”